5 Indications That it’s Time to Let Go

When you eliminate, you let go of unnecessary matter. You naturally rid of everything that you do not need and it is a big relief when it’s gone. Yes, this is a pretty gross analogy. I believe it’s a great one for how eliminating, or letting go, of anything not worthy of holding onto can not only bring relief but a feeling of utter satisfaction. After a good “Let Go” we feel lighter and more content. We are more at peace and ready to take on the world! Below are five indications that it’s time for you to eliminate some things from your life. These things are holding you back from your own personal magnificence!


You know it’s time to eliminate when… 


Things start backing up

You look ahead at your calendar and you don’t have a free day in sight. Being over-busy can cause stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices and even a weak immune system. Make yourself a priority and eliminate anything on your calendar that is not in alignment with your goals and values. Instead of doing things that just don’t digest, eliminate one thing at a time and let your system rest. After you enjoy the empty space, begin to design the life you have always wanted to live. Add things that you really care about, little by little. Think of it as Life Fasting.


You are starting to get stinky

If you are in a foul mood it may be time to eliminate toxic people from your life. Avoid letting people dump their negativity on you. Surround yourself with a potpourri of positivity. If you can’t instantly find the right people, listening to positive affirmations on your headphones first thing in the morning should freshen your mood right up. It’s even better to do these while moving your body, either walking, exercising or just getting ready for the day.  


You feel stuck

Feelings of being stuck can mean that you believe there is only one way to look at your situation. If you hate going to work because your boss is a micro-manager, try eliminating your current perspective of “scared I will lose my job” to “this guy is hilarious”. A simple perspective adjustment can help move things right along. You may not end up liking your job any more than you do now, but from this new perspective, you can begin to find the comedy in it all and see that many new things are possible.


You won’t take the plunge – 

Is there something in your life that you want to do that brings you out of your comfort zone but you can’t seem to take the first step? If you feel fear of the unknown and it’s holding you back from something, it may be time to eliminate the voice of the Saboteur. The Saboteur is the voice (or voices) in your head that prefer to keep your life comfortable, safe and at status quo. If you really want to quit smoking or change careers, recognizing that this voice is not you and is lying to you will help you to be brave enough to take the first steps towards the destiny that you desire.


You Just Feel Pooped

If you are feeling over-tired, hung-over and just plain over it, you may have been over-served. It is fun and exciting to do unhealthy things to our bodies (staying up all night, drinking, smoking, etc.) but you will always have to pay the price. These types of habits create low productivity, low motivation, advanced aging and just an all-over feeling of yuck (among other things). Elimination of unhealthy habits that make you feel blah will add zest to your step and the motivation you need to create new healthy habits that do not require recovery time. Cheers to a new fitness routine!! If you feel the urge to purge, try the “Letting Go of Smoking” program that I offer, or take my 28-day Letting Go of Alcohol challenge. Stay tuned for the next round! 


Waste Not Want Not

There are many things in our lives that hold us back from the life we want to live and the people we want to be. Before adding more to your life, it’s important to see what you’re are holding on to. Being able to eliminate what we do not need gives us the opportunity to know ourselves better. You’ll be creating a clean slate, free of all that crap (sorry, I couldn’t help it). All puns intended, I hope that my point is clear, that the more we can have the courage to expel, the lighter we will feel and ultimately. Design a life o King or Queen on a throne.







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