My Morning Routine

I used to stay in bed until the last possible second. My snooze button was getting more action that I was! When I finally drug myself out of bed after a few choice “f” and “s” words, I would make coffee, grab a smoke (oh yes, almost five years smoke-free now baby!) and make a total mess of my bedroom deciding what to wear. I would toss down some food for Bongo, pour a to-go cup of coffee, search for my lost keys and run out of the door, late again. I would arrive at work hurried, without lunch and without coffee because I left it on top of my car roof…again. No wonder I didn’t want to get out of bed.  My morning routine was full of chaos.  

Frazzled and Forgetful

This rushed behavior set the precedent for my entire day, heck, my entire life! I was frenzied, stressed-out and never on time. I would forget to make a pot-luck on the way to a pot-luck dinner or forget a birthday card on the way to a birthday. When I would arrive at my destination I would bring my frazzled energy into the environment. My morning routine created behavior that lasted throughout the day and became who I was. It was affecting my relationships, my health, and other people as well.

My friends and family would make jokes and comments about me being late and unorganized. They accepted the fact that I was a hot mess and chalk it up to me being quirky, creative or “high energy”. I was tired of this reputation and more than that, I was tired of feeling anxious. I just wanted peace.

My Morning Routine – Now

Cut to now, I am a calm, centered, grounded, peaceful and joyous person who gets dressed in the morning in five minutes and never loses her keys.  I owe my transformation to many things, such as letting go of possessions (less clothes, more to wear- who knew?) and people in my life that were not a good fit for me. I let go of activities that did not bring me joy.

The main ingredient behind all of my amazing changes was self-love.  My Morning Routine was the first and most powerful step in my transformation, and continues to keep me growing in the right direction. My morning routine has changed throughout the years and I allow it to evolve along with me.

To set myself up for success is to begin with a wonderful winddown the night before. I use calming essential oils, I wear loose comfortable clothing, I get cozy with Bongo, and listen to binaural beats or do a bedtime meditation. I love my morning routine so much that I now look forward to getting to sleep so that I can wake up and start! Around 7 AM on most days, I’m awake. I rarely ever have to set an alarm. (I used to HATE mornings.)

We think and think and think all day long. Once we fall asleep our thinking brain gets a rest. When we first wake up we have a few golden moments (seconds?) before we start thinking again. Consider starting the day doing something you love and only allowing positive thoughts words and actions to occur at the very beginning of your day. This can set the tone for a more than amazing day!

Because YOU Have to Come First

Starting each day taking care of YOU first will make you calmer, happier and ready to show up anywhere with a new sense of peace and a calm energy that everyone will appreciate. I have included some ideas in the next section that I hope will inspire you to start your day in the most amazing way!

When I started my morning routine I chose wayyyy too many rituals and found myself becoming stressed out if I could not get them all done. This was counterproductive! The point is to feel more calm and relaxed, not to put more on the to-do list. Your Morning Routine can start small with even just one ritual and can grow to be as big as you like.

You can even have different versions of your routine according to how much time you have. I personally have a 30-minute version of my morning routine and a four-hour version! You can try setting your alarm 10 minutes early and just pick one activity and see how it feels. Taking a slow approach to this radical life change makes it more likely to stick.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to include in your Morning Routine:

  • Draw or paint
  • Journal
  • Dream logging
  • Sing in the shower
  • Dance party (USA)
  • Practice yoga
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Mediation
  • Feed the birds
  • Take a Walk
  • Write or read poetry
  • Tai Chi
  • Take a bath
  • Pet cuddle time
  • Read
  • Creative visualizations
  • Light a candle
  • Read the funnies or horoscope

Unplug for a Positive Morning

Don’t be tempted to plug in.  You should not include checking messages or e-mails in your Morning Routine. Take this time for yourself. Starting your day doing what you want to do will help you be who you want to be, all day long. Your e-mails and conference calls will be there when you are done. 

Are you curious about my Morning Routine?  Here is my latest version:

  • Listen to positive Affirmations on my headphones 
  • Smell or diffuse essential oils 
  • Sit outside/drink a glass of water and do nothing
  • Journal/write gratitudes
  • Breathing exercises
  • Walk to the water 
  • Meditate
  • Visualize the things I want in my life
  • Walk with Bongo (two separate walks now, she goes so very slow)
  • Trampoline dance party USA- oh yea!!

I have many more self-love activities that I mix these up with or do throughout the day. At first I found myself feeling guilty about all of the time I spent on myself instead of getting things done or working more until I realized how ridiculously happy I was becoming. After I knew that I was doing the right thing and I learned to balance it all out (some days I only spend an hour on my morning routine, sometimes four!) I found that I was much more productive than ever and I was attracting more and more good things in my life. When you learn to really love yourself, the better at loving you will be. Just look at all of the practice you will have! Self -love is the start to all love. Self-Love first thing in the morning will start your day in a loving way. 

Please post comments or questions here. I would love to hear your thoughts on My Morning Routine! 

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