The first step in creating a life that you love is to let go of everything that you do not love.

_DSF5339 Hi! I am Michelle Tolan. Nice to meet you!

My mission is to inspire and guide others to transform their lives. I have been preparing for this my whole life! I have found the key to living a life full of meaning and happiness and I want to share it with you.

I believe…

that we cannot truly love anything or anyone if we do not love ourselves.

in the power of gratitude. It’s impossible to complain while we are saying “thank you.”

in mindfulness. Being present does not mean forgetting the past or dismissing the future. It all goes into account to create a perfect moment in the now.

the answer to most questions is simplicity.

that goals should revolve around how you want to feel, not what you want to have.

My Transformation

Despite being an optimistic happy-go-lucky and motivated person, my life lacked direction and meaning. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, restlessness and a general feeling of being unsatisfied. Let’s face it, I was flighty. I was always late, harried and stressed out. I continued to look outward for satisfaction. I thought by adding more into my life I would eventually be happy. So, because I could not think of anything else to do, I continued to add more. More material things, more friends, more projects, more, more, more! Then one day I discovered a book on minimalism. This book began a journey that changed the course of my life. I could not get enough on the subject of minimalism and simplicity. As I began to unload my belongings I felt a sense of peace and clarity that I had never felt before. I was so excited about this, that I ended up getting rid of most of my stuff, writing a blog, and spreading the message about how leading a simple life was the path to meaning and happiness. Yes! I had found my calling. But there was more. So much less.

I got to a point where I realized that I did not want anything in my life that I did not love. I wanted to take simplicity to the extreme, however, letting go of relationships, jobs and limiting beliefs was not as simple as having a garage sale. I hired a Co-Active Life Coach and we got to work.

 Becoming a Coach

I had always wanted to be a Life Coach. I spent my entire adult life reading every personal development and wellness book and listening to every tape that I could find. Working on myself was always a huge passion of mine. I had the opportunity to be on the crew for several Tony Robbins seminars and that really opened up my eyes to what is possible. The way that I felt being there for the participants set my soul on fire (walking on the hot coals is another story!) and I felt the calling deep inside of me. I never considered coach training because I thought that my life was not a good enough example to help other people with their lives. This limited belief kept me away from my mission for 20 years. After some coaching I was able to stand up to this voice inside my head and listen to my heart. The journey to become a certified and accredited Life Coach began. I spent a year researching schools and decided that I loved the C.T.I. Co-Active philosophy. They had me at “Everyone is creative resourceful and whole”. The timing could not have been better. During my training I was going through the toughest transition of my life. Coaching and being coached co-actively during this time helped me become a brave, powerful, vulnerable and strong person. I had the support, accountability and my own goals and dreams to focus on instead of allowing the situation to suck me into depression. I came out a new and transformed person, and coach! I will not be shy about how proud I am of this accomplishment!


Currently I have rid of over 80% of my belongings, moved from a large house into a 350 square foot paradise, do work that I love and let go of people that bring me down. I have cut off my dreadlocks and am transitioning from being called Pippy back to my birth name Michelle. For me, authenticity has become a top value, so, I am working on finding my strength through my vulnerability. Working with my own Co-Active Coach helps me evoke my transformation, and keeps me living my life on purpose.

A Little Bit More About Me

I’m a blogger, coach, professional speaker and simplicity enthusiast. I feel most alive when I am in or on the water, being with my dog, Bongo, playing my drums & percussion instruments, dancing on my mini-trampoline and showering people with love. I enjoy music and art festivals (Burning Man) traveling, writing, essential oils, meditation and mindfulness, and yes, I am a ((hugger)).